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Concise Beam is an easy to use program for the design of precast concrete beams. Concise Beam will perform a load analysis and design checks in accordance with the latest edition of ACI 318, CSA A23.3 & S6, AS3600, or NZ3101.1.

Version Info : (4.61.0)

Software Size : (25.2_MB)

Designing precast concrete beams.

Concise Beam furnishes you with all that you have to structure precast solid pillars. It can end up being a significant apparatus for development engineers, because of its abilities. The software can mimic and dissect client characterized stacks on shafts, as per different plan codes. It gives you full control over everything, including how much power is applied and how, the shape and measurements of your shafts, thickness, opposition, etc.

The software is good with every single present day Window frameworks and it offers full help for both 32 and 64-bit editions. Downloading its arrangement file and introducing its center segments shouldn’t take over a moment, even on more established machines. Its equipment necessities are unassuming and you don’t need to introduce any essential instruments or administrations.

The fundamental UI has a spotless and straightforward appearance, however there are different menus to discover, on discrete windows, where you can make all the settings you need, from utilized estimations to pillar qualities. Despite the fact that it isn’t something for non-experts, the software’s usefulness is quite simple. When characterized, you can review a 3D model of your pillar, after which you can apply various loads and produce different reports, outlines and diagrams.

Concise Beam is a complex but then simple to utilize CAD application that empowers clients to structure and dissect precast solid bars. The application does its assignments as per ACI 318, CSAA23.3 and AS3600 codes. Clients can show cross-areas to satisfy their needs just as to make kaleidoscopic varieties over the length of the bar. Utilizing Concise Beam you can browse different pillar formats, for example, essentially upheld shafts, cantilevers, load dispersion and cast set up pours.

The pillar can be ordinarily strengthened, somewhat or completely pretensioned. It can display any cross-sectional shape and will permit the cross-area to shift kaleidoscopically (step-wise) over the length of the pillar. A graphical editor permits the client to depict any cross-area, including voids.

Specialists who are associated with creating structures for concrete-based shafts could profit by a CAD suite adjusted explicitly to their necessities. Concise Beam is an application that was made to offer individuals an extensive solid shaft plan arrangement. It will give strong 3D CAD plan tools that are mixed with the specific angles that the solid pillar industry involves.

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