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Share and view inspection results and a multitude of 3D scan data. Inus Rapidform XOR3 is exciting software that is the first 3D scanning software that has a direct interface to CAD software.

Inus Rapidform

Version Info : (XOR3_SP1_x64)

Software Size : (3.2_GB)

Create CAD models from 3D scan data.

Rapidform XOR3 is the main figuring out software that joins CAD abilities and preparing utilizing 3D information checking, so you can make include based, editable and good CAD situations. Good with Autodesk creator (2010-2013).

Rapidform XOR3 is the primary 3D checking software that empowers clients to filter any object and produce highlight arranged and parametric models and in the end total the model. Move the ideal CAD software. The model made contains a total history that can be moved as a local model to Inventor software.

It likewise has an immediate interface to AutoCAD software (2007-2013) and underpins other 3D CAD software through industry-standard arrangements. As indicated by CEO Atodsk, Rapidform has built up a two-path connection between the significant item by consenting to the organization’s endorsed principles. This application will be commonplace to clients of SolidWorks software and it is conceivable to ace this software in a brief timeframe.

It is viewed as the best software bundle for updating, checking and reengineering an item. There are three principle bundles that it offers. It incorporates XOS, XOR and XOV, which are intended for filtering, upgrading and testing, individually. It additionally offers six other software profiles, including SolidWorks, UGS/NX, Polyworks, Geomagic, ProE Wildfire and CATIA. As a matter of course, it has a worldwide mode where you can’t legitimately edit or make another informational collection.

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Post Last Updated: 24 February 2020.

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