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Leica Infinity is the customer beneficially geospatial office tool that serves for the measurement professional.

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Intuitive Geospatial Office Software Solution.

Infinity is the easy to use geospatial office software suite for the estimation proficient. It is intended to oversee, process, investigate and quality check all field overview measure information, including absolute stations, computerized levels, GNSS information and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). So whether it’s estimating new review extends or getting ready information for development format employments, Infinity underpins your work process.

Various information meet up on a field venture – BIM, CAD, GIS, and then some. Infinity will join, separate, produce and fare these information types consistently. What’s more, utilizing coordinated information trade administrations including Leica Exchange, Leica ConX and those by outsider suppliers makes moving information considerably more productive.

Work with crude perception information by handling and determining exact organize information for ground control or check focuses. Produce highlights from point cloud information or use UAV symbolism to create point mists, DSM and orthophotos that speak to the most current condition of a venture, at the time you need it.

This tool can do the whole errand effectively. This device gives another route in review office software. It isn’t just helping you to work complex structure with the precise outcome, yet it is likewise over the entirety of your key to a straightforward way to deal with the universes of 3D information handling. The unmistakably spread out client interface and instinctive overseeing of its 3D map see imply that three-dimensional informational indexes recorded in the field-and even numerous outputs would now be able to be appeared on your desktop.

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