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LISCAD is a purpose made software for the Engineer and Surveyor. Data from virtually any surveying instrument can be imported and turned into finished plans so easily; you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.


Version Info : (v12.0_x64)

Software Size : (76.8_MB)

Purpose made software for the Engineer and Surveyor.

LISCAD reviewing and building software is utilized by 100’s of surveyors and designers in more than 100 nations. Interfacing with all polular reviewing, building and CAD framework, LISCAD is intutive to utilize, allowed to assess and snappy to learn with exhaustive tutorals and quick specialized help. Highlights incorporate simple decrease of overview perceptions, thorough geodetic calculations, unlimted DTM model size, Least Squares modification, 2D/3D changes, volumes, foundation pictures, 3D sees, profiles, amazing structural building plan ability and continuous all out station/GNSS studying and stakeout.

Leica LISCAD is a helpful application created for the land engineers who are required to play out the geometric figurings with most extreme exactness. It has been outfitted with a natural and easy to use interface which has oneself clarifying alternatives which will improve the work process enormously.

LISCAD is a progressed and dependable software arrangement made to offer scene engineers with the methods for envision, edit and process information from the gadgets of land review, empowering clients to work with the data anyway they may require.

Resulting to the fast and uneventful establishment process, clients can dispatch the program and information their record subtleties; in the event that they don’t have them yet, clients can enlist a record, and at exactly that point would they be able to begin with the apparatus.

LISCAD is comprised of three principle parts, to be specific ‘LISCAD S.E.E.’,LISCAD C.A.D‘ and ‘LISCAD Resource Editor‘, each including a few modules to help structural architects in running an assortment of errands.

Accumulate information from the gadgets of land studies and utilize different instruments to see, change, and procedure it. Make maps and review designs, create and edit different sorts of libraries, including Symbol, Line and Font, and play out a wide scope of investigation and preparing tasks, similar to handle move, changes, or landscape demonstrating.

Leica LISCAD is a looking over and building software bundle. It permits information from for all intents and purposes any studying instrument to be imported and transformed into completed plans. Leica LISCAD makes the procedure from information to plans so basic you will consider how you oversaw without it.

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