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MAGMASOFT helps you to avoid gating and feding problems, predict casting quality.

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Effective optimization tool for improving metalcasting quality.

MAGMASOFT is the thorough and successful improvement tool for improving metalcasting quality, upgrading process conditions and diminishing generation costs. Thus using the technique of virtual Design of Experiments and Autonomous Optimization, powerful procedure parameters and advanced throwing formats can be set up for all cast materials and procedures including heat treatment and liquefy metallurgy – productively and exhaustively simultaneously.

MAGMAinteract is a software for the perception of MAGMASOFT ® results. This free 3D-watcher empowers the instinctive showcase of data traded from MAGMASOFT (beginning from discharge 5.4.1). MAGMAinteract ® advances correspondence between all gatherings intrigued by MAGMASOFT ® results inside an association, just as with providers and clients. This fast and simple introduction of data makes the reason for dependable choices.

MAGMASOFT is a far reaching reproduction apparatus for the innovative and quality centered creation of castings around the world. Our reenactment capacities show you the route by giving a superior comprehension of shape filling, hardening, mechanical properties, warm burdens and contortions, and considerably more. Completely menu-driven with a coordinated strong modeler, CAD interfaces, and broad databases, MAGMASOFT® gives a total answer for your structure, creation, and quality divisions.

The name MAGMA represents powerful and imaginative giving arrangements a role as well as a solid organization with the metal throwing industry. By consolidating throwing process information with recreation fitness, MAGMA accomplices with our clients to utilize our mastery to further their potential benefit in the beneficial enhancement of castings and throwing forms.

With a guarantee to throwing greatness, we effectively work with our clients to incorporate the dynamic innovation of recreation into their activities. MAGMA’s item and administration portfolio incorporates the amazing, secluded recreation software MAGMASOFT, with the most up to date discharge MAGMA 5, just as building administrations for throwing structure and enhancement.

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