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OMNIS is a powerful application for the engineering different physical components and provides reliable set of tools for analysis and simulation.


Version Info : (2019.3.1_x64)

Software Size : (1.01_GB)

Particle-based Lattice-Boltzmann solver for complex and high-fidelity flow simulations.

OMNIS 3.1 is a ground-breaking application for the building diverse physical segments and gives solid arrangement of instruments to investigation and reproduction. It is a dependable application with an assortment of integral assets and a heap of highlights that aides in simple assembling of the ventures. It gives a more significant level of profitability and gives total advancement and reenactment highlights. With multidisciplinary improvement and supports enormous scale ventures.

This amazing application gives propelled level of apparatuses to structures, liquids, acoustics and different subtleties. This ground-breaking application gives total arrangement of apparatuses to CFD clients. Besides, it additionally offers help for dealing with various models and permits the clients to work with the enormous scale ventures. Mimic various activities and enhance the models. Also, this ground-breaking application furnishes a mind boggling HEX half and half system with help for editing the models. Import CAD files and pick diverse refinement modes to change the level and volume.

NUMECA has discharged OMNIS 3.1. One new component is the OMNIS/LB – molecule based Lattice-Boltzmann based solver. This discharge accompanies a documentation remembered for the software and accessible on the web

OMNIS/LB is a molecule based Lattice-Boltzmann solver for unpredictable and high-devotion stream recreations. It handles complex geometry with moving parts, strong contacts, free surface streams. This first discharge is principally committed to interior multiphase stream applications, for example, gearboxes, orientation and volumetric siphons.

OMNIS is a molecule based Lattice-Boltzmann solver for perplexing and high-loyalty stream reenactments that can without much of a stretch handle complex geometry with moving parts, strong contacts and free surface streams.

The OMNIS/HEXPRESS Application: utilizing HEXPRESS/Hybrid center capacities inside OMNIS’s incorporated. The OMNIS/OPEN Application, in BETA Preview: a subset of the Open solver abilities with a preview of the co-preparing intensity of OMNIS.

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