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QPS Fledermaus is a powerful and leading software for analyzing geographic data based on time and location parameters that is especially used in large projects.

Version Info : (7.8.4_x64)

Software Size : (432_MB)

3D and 4D visualization of gridded and ungridded data types.

Fledermaus is the business driving intuitive 4D geospatial handling and examination device. With the arrival of Version 7 we have moved this to the following measurement: the expansion of a completely coordinated time reference permitting clients to work in a genuine 4D existence condition.

Business, scholarly and government clients utilize the Fledermaus software around the world. They utilize the software to connect with huge geological datasets of various information types for sea mapping and land-based ventures.

This furnishes our clients with included an incentive in information handling proficiency, quality control exactness, information investigation culmination, and task reconciliation, that advances clear correspondence.

A wide assortment of industry standard organizations are upheld for direct import of information to the 3D scene, and the broad usefulness of Fledermaus permits its utilization across numerous periods of a venture from the arranging, preparing and QC, through to examination and creation of pictures, plots and activitys.

A definitive in information combination and correspondence – direct import for a wide assortment of arrangements for broad usefulness and 3D and 4D representation of gridded and ungridded information types, just as subordinate data. Investigation devices consider ocean bottom understanding and portrayal, item and surface change after some time, object following, multibeam backscatter handling and mosaicking, link and pipeline course arranging.

Mediation is the fourth factor, the planning of the program’s qualities. Exploring and dissecting spatial information over some stretch of time improves both exactness and access to information at explicit time focuses. It underpins a wide scope of standard 3D arranges and can undoubtedly process enormous volumes of 3D information inside a sensible measure of time.

The speed of information preparing right now ideal and relies upon the equipment intensity of the host framework. So running applications on frameworks with higher equipment force will permit the program to process information quicker. Notwithstanding the primary usefulness of the program, different capacities have been given to clients to chip away at geo-spatial geology related ventures, which will make the undertaking quicker.

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Post Last Updated: 09 March 2020.

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