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ShipConstructor is an AutoCAD based shipbuilding CAD/CAM software suite that provides detail design and modeling tools for production engineering of marine structures.

Ship Constructor

Version Info : (2008_R2)

Software Size : (268_MB)

ShipConstructor is an AutoCAD based shipbuilding CAD/CAM software suite.

ShipConstructor captures all data important to the 3D configuration, fabricating, support, fix and refit of complex marine activities within a Marine Information Model (MIM).

At the core of the model is a solitary social database living on a Microsoft SQL Server that can be incorporated with related business procedures and applications. ShipConstructor‘s remarkable software design and AutoCAD establishment give critical upper hands.

ShipConstructor is a suite of items focused on explicitly at the shipbuilding and seaward enterprises. This essential way of thinking behind the innovation permits clients to legitimately associate with the 3D item model of a transport or seaward undertaking in a way that is normal for their business. Clients with a strong establishment of AutoCAD aptitudes and a better than average comprehension of the business are equipped with the devices required to immediately get capable with the software.

Structure joins reason constructed shipbuilding explicit surfacing innovation and the effortlessness of working within AutoCAD. This unites the best of two universes. It takes into consideration simple and instinctive creation and control of complex surface models while likewise permitting the opportunity to utilize standard AutoCAD drafting systems.

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