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SnapGene Viewer is designed for biologists that work in the field of molecular biology. Download SnapGene Viewer to your PC for free to study DNA sequences.


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Biologists that work in the field of molecular biology.

SnapGene is an amazing and exceptionally productive software for sub-atomic science which is adaptable simple to utilize. The program permits you to completely record every DNA arrangement in a rich electronic configuration. You can likewise impart your files to your associates and colleagues around the world. The files can be opened and saw utilizing the SnapGene Viewer utility.

With regards to contemplating DNA arrangements you have to have the proper software to have the option to look into all the information, cautiously study every component of the succession and observe any oddity. What’s more, to have the option to complete this investigation, nothing better that SnapGene Viewer.

SnapGene is the most straightforward approach to design, imagine, and record your regular atomic science strategies. Tweak the showcase of catalyst locales, highlights, preliminaries, ORFs, DNA hues, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The guide can be in a round or straight configuration.

SnapGene is the atomic science software that is simpler to use than pen and paper. With SnapGene, commenting on highlights in a DNA arrangement is simple. The SnapGene design matches GenBank gauges however includes choices, for example, shading, directionality, and sections. Coding arrangements are deciphered with the goal that you can imagine codons, track amino corrosive numbering, and check perusing outlines for quality combinations. Highlights can be imported from another file, or naturally commented on from an adjustable rundown.

SnapGene features limitation destinations in a reasonable manner, consequently stamping locales obstructed by methylation. Basic controls permit you to pick helpful catalyst sets, for example, “Extraordinary Cutters”, or to characterize custom protein sets and favored providers. Instructive device tips give key data.It likewise offers apparatuses for planning and envisioning groundworks. SnapGene utilizes thorough thermodynamic calculations to compute liquefying temperatures and duplex arrangements.

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