SimpleTV Free Download

Version Info : (0.5.0)

File Size : (311_MB)

Stream All TV Channels

With this simple to utilize programming you can appreciate staring at the TV channels legitimately on your PC. SimpleTV enables you to make playlists and view TV channels from around the globe. You can open or make playlists and include new channels. It additionally includes an equalizer and an editing device.

Sitting in front of the TV channels on the PC is never again another propensity to the individuals who need to be engaged without relying upon another gadget. There are various applications that can be utilized to stream such channels, and SimpleTV is one of them.

Appreciate the advantages of a versatile application

The establishment procedure is skipped by and large, as this item is convenient. Therefore, the Windows library and Start menu/screen are not refreshed with new sections without your endorsement, and no scraps would stay on the drive after its evacuation.

Another critical viewpoint is that you can take SimpleTV anyplace with you and run it on any PC, basically by moving the program documents to a USB thumb drive.

SimpleTV Screenshots

Post Last Updated: 19th Sep, 2021.

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