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Version Info : (v2016_x64)

Software Size : (1.0_GB)

Durability Analysis Software for Finite Element Models

fe-safe is the specialized pioneer in weariness examination programming for Finite Element models. fe-safe has been grown consistently since the mid 1990’s in a joint effort with industry to guarantee that it keeps on setting the benchmark for exhaustion examination programming.

Industry is putting expanding weight on makers to utilize less material to convey lightweight yet more grounded segments, lower guarantee and review expenses and all in less time. Numerous organizations use progressed limited component examination to compute configuration stresses, however the weariness investigation is regularly still done by physically picking emphasize focuses for spreadsheet examination. This is tedious and questionable on the grounds that it is not entirely obvious disappointment areas.

Fe-safe is the specialized pioneer in weakness investigation programming for Finite Element models. It straightforwardly interfaces to all driving FEA suites and is utilized by driving organizations in the accompanying businesses worldwide to decide exhaustion life and improve plans:

  • transport and versatility
  • aviation and barrier
  • general assembling
  • control age
  • marine and seaward.

DS Simulia FE SAFE Screenshots

Post Last Updated: 25, May, 2019

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