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Pencil is a cross-platform open-source 2D animation software. Its first aim is to make traditional animations (cel, cartoons, etc). It features bitmap and vector drawing tools, layers, cameras. Animations made with Pencil can be exported as QuickTime.



Version Info : (3.1.0_x86)

Software Size : (80.3_MB)



Version Info : (3.1.0_x64)

Software Size : (83.3_MB)

Cross-platform 2D animation software

Pencil is worked to give a free and open-source GUI prototyping device that individuals can without much of a stretch introduce and use to make mockups in famous work area stages.

Pencil is a free and open-source GUI prototyping tool that is speedy, simple and works over numerous stages.

Pencil gives different implicit shapes assortment for drawing various sorts of UI running from work area to versatile stages. Beginning from 2.0.2, Pencil is transported with Android and iOS UI stencils pre-introduced. This makes it significantly simpler to begin protyping applications with a basic establishment. The rundown of inherent assortments additionally incorporates universally useful shapes, flowchart components, work area/web UI shapes, Android and iOS GUI shapes.

Pencil is a vector drawing program for Windows that gives you a chance to make your very own advanced funnies. Pencil is based around conventional hand-drawn activity methods, and it’s free. At the focal point of the application is a timetable, which enables you to include four sorts of layers: bitmap picture, vector picture, sound, and camera. The liveliness essentially works by setting keyframes one each layer and masterminding the various layers over one another.

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