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3DMark is a free app for the Windows by Futuremark which tests your DirectX11 video card’s performance when it comes to gaming.

Version Info : (2.11.6846)

Software Size : (6.0_GB)

Test your video card performance with 3DMark.

3DMark is the perfect tool for estimating and benchmarking the gaming abilities of your workstation, scratch pad, tablets and your PC running with Windows XP. It likewise incorporates four realistic tests and two CPU test to get a decent 3DMark Score. Download 3DMark currently for nothing and forget about the mystery in gaming exhibitions of your PC.

3DMark is a mainstream gaming execution benchmark utilized by a large number of individuals, several equipment audit locales and a considerable lot of the world’s driving innovation organizations. Definite outlines give you how the CPU and GPU temperatures, clock speeds, and the edge rate changed during your benchmark run. Investigate your PC’s exhibition limits with custom benchmark settings.

You can change the rendering goals and quality over a scope of settings. Will your PC handle 4K gaming? Fire Strike Ultra’s 4K Ultra HD rendering goals is multiple times bigger than the 1080p goals utilized in Fire Strike. A 4K screen isn’t required, however your illustrations card must have at any rate 3GB of memory to run this tremendously requesting benchmark.

Because of the high measure of video games accessible available and the same number of various equipment that need to push the cutoff points of gaming, a bounty of benchmarking devices can be found over the Internet with the goal that devotees know precisely what their machine is able to do. One, if not the most mainstream such instrument is 3DMark, with a refreshed adaptation committed to very good quality, immense gaming setups.

Regardless of whether you’re gaming on a cell phone, tablet, scratch pad, PC, work area, or a superior gaming PC, 3DMark incorporates a benchmark structured explicitly for your sort of gadget. What’s more, it’s not only for Windows. With 3DMark you can contrast your scores and Android and iOS gadgets as well. It’s the most dominant and adaptable 3DMark we’ve at any point made.

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Post Last Updated: 01 January, 2020

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