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DiskBoss is an automated and effective data management solution worth having when you need to analyze disk space utilization, classify and organize files according to your whims, migrate data, wipe specific files and search for Hash signatures.



Version Info : (10.9.18_x86)

Software Size : (7.4_MB)



Version Info : (10.9.18_x64)

Software Size : (7.8_MB)

Remove Duplicate Files

DiskBoss is a propelled file and circle the board arrangement enabling one to look and order files, perform plate space usage investigation, recognize and expel copy files, sort out files as indicated by client characterized rules and approaches, duplicate a lot of files in a flaw tolerant way, synchronize plates and indexes, cleanup squandered circle space, and so forth.

All file the board tasks are coordinated in an incorporated and simple to-utilize GUI application with an implicit file guide enabling one to execute any necessary activity in a solitary mouse click. DiskBoss is an extraordinary software for examination! Much of the time utilized file the executives activities might be pre-designed as client characterized directions and executed utilizing the GUI application or direct work area easy routes.

DiskBoss is a computerized, rule-based file and plate the board arrangement enabling one to perform circle space use investigation, file characterization and classification, copy files recognition and expulsion, rapid file synchronization and information relocation, plate change observing, rule-based file sorting out, secure information cleaning and considerably more.

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