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HDDlife Pro is a straightforward piece of software that shows the health status of your HDD based on S.M.A.R.T. analysis, and triggers alerts on critical levels. It primarily caters to advanced computer users.

HDDLife Pro

Version Info : (4.2.204)

Software Size : (8.3_MB)

HDDlife is the protection of your personal information.

HDDLife Pro would now be able to peruse the signs given by SSD plates, enabling you to move your information some time before the life expectancy of your SSD reaches a conclusion. SSD’s store your information utilizing a totally unique methodology contrasted with customary hard drives. Thus, they offer various hints and alerts about the plausibility of a close to disappointment. With streak cells containing these plates having a constrained life cycle, SSD’s permit just a set number of composes before the drive falls flat.

Indeed, even with level wearing and all the additional wellbeing highlights gave by the present savvy SSD controllers, it’s as yet a smart thought to realize what’s happening inside, the amount of your drive’s evaluated life expectancy is utilized, and what amount is as yet accessible. Amazin hard drive screen software for Windows PC that gives clients cautioning plate disappointment!

Your family members’ photographs, your traveler videos, your journal and note pad, messages from companions, business data and archives – would you say you are prepared to lose it at the same time?

Every one of your information , all that you need both for your work and for your lay is put away on the hard drive of your PC considerably after it is turned off . It is the hard drive, not the processor, of your PC that truly matters to you in such a case that it separates, every one of your information – both individual and business – will be for all time lost.

Precisely screen the strength of your hard drives with this thorough instrument. HDDlife Pro’s single-page interface shows thorough language free data. The program’s unmistakable, succinct Help file should direct learner clients through program foundation and activity.

HDDlife Pro is a hard drive screen program that takes a shot at PCs, scratch pad, and USB hard drives. Clients can without much of a stretch watch out for the strength of their drive and can be alarmed through email when hard drive disappointment is going to happen.

HDDLife Pro Screenshots

Post Last Updated: 26 December, 2019

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