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Test the performance of your computer components like CPU, RAM, read and write speed with the help of this intuitive, practical application.

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Simulate heavy tasks on your PC.

Heavyload is inteded to push all assets of a PC (like CPU, RAM, harddisk, organize, working framework, and so forth ) so as to test, on the off chance that it will run dependable under substantial burden.

This is valuable for testing significant NT file or database servers before utilizing them beneficially, or just to check if your new PC may get too hot when utilized seriously.

Carry your PC as far as possible with the freeware stress test instrument HeavyLoad 64-bit. It puts your workstation or server PC under a substantial burden and lets you test whether they will in any case run dependably.

The individual test strategies utilized by HeavyLoad can be redone to meet your requirements. On a framework including various processor centers, for instance, you can choose what number of the accessible centers will be utilized or set the speed where the test file is to be composed on your hard plate. Free Stress Test Software for Your Windows PC! Appreciate.

As its name infers, Heavyload is a framework stress device that empowers you to see how the PC acts when looked with rare memory, low circle space and high GPU or CPU utilization. It proves to be useful for testing the unwavering quality of database servers and the exhibition of any PC.

The application is anything but difficult to utilize and its principle interface shows diagrams that depict the CPU utilization, the circle free space, the accessible memory and the edges per-inferior, empowering you to see the development of these markers previously and during the reproduction, continuously.

You can set the application to play out the tests persistently or end them consequently after a predefined time. The procedure can be delayed at whatever point you need and you can choose the time interim to refresh the insights outlines.

HeavyLoad is a freeware PC stress analyzer software application filed under benchmark software and made accessible by JAM Software GmbH for Windows.

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