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MemTest86 is a free, thorough, stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers.


Version Info : (86.8.3)

Software Size : (417_KB)

Memory test for x86 and x64 architecture computers.

MemTest86 is the first, free, independent memory testing software for x86 PCs. MemTest86 boots from a USB streak drive and tests the RAM in your PC for issues utilizing a progression of far reaching calculations and test designs.

Memtest86 is considered by most of the equipment testing network the main application with regards to deficient RAM sticks. The response to the inquiry in regards to the working condition of the introduced memory modules comes quick with Memtest86 and that is the thing that issues the most other than the conviction of the decision.

Independent memory test for x86 and x64 engineering PCs, the industry standard from the best RAM testing specialists in the network.

This utility won’t introduce to your hard drive; it can just introduce on a bootable floppy circle. There is no interface, as it quickly checks your PC’s memory. Memtest86 is fast and precise. In any case, framework executives searching for a memory analyzer will most likely pass on Memtest86, the same number of flow machines do exclude floppy drives.

Memtest86 is careful, independent memory test for x86 and x64 design PCs. Profiles based memory tests are a speedy, superficial check and regularly miss a considerable lot of the disappointments that are distinguished by Memtest86.

There are numerous great methodologies for testing memory. In any case, numerous tests basically toss a few examples at memory absent a lot of thought or information on memory design or how blunders can best be recognized. This works fine for hard memory disappointments however does little to discover irregular blunders. Profiles based memory tests are pointless for finding discontinuous memory mistakes.

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