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MSI Kombustor is a powerful benchmarking software intended to test the very limits of your graphics card and provide you with valuable insights about the state of your GPU, it’s peak capabilities and other various statistics.

MSI Kombustor

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GPU memory stress test.

MSI Kombustor v3.5.2 improves GPU memory stress test module on NVIDIA illustrations cards (the GPU memory is accurately dispensed) and tests up to 12GB are accessible (not tried with 12GB of VRAM so let me know whether it works or not).

For the MSI AfterBurner we are making another capacity, a pressure test which will be called Kombustor. This is independent benchmark/security test apparatus dependent on FurMark, however now with huge and hairy MSI logo. You can either run in independently, or connect with Afterburner to peruse progressively itemized data during stress test.

While from the start this is only one benchmarking application in the ocean of comparative items, MSI Kombustor has figured out how to substantiate itself as one of the most dependable methods for testing capacities of GPU cards. Today, this application is consistently frequently utilized not just by standard PC clients and gaming fans who need to get a review of their PC parts abilities, yet additionally video game engineers who need to enhance their ongoing rendering applications for different degrees of GPU control.

Developed starting from the earliest stage be anything but difficult to utilize and available, MSI Kombustor doesn’t present numerous alternatives to its clients – they can pick between not many of the accessible tests, set the favored rendering API (OpenGL 2, OpenGL 3, Direct 3D 9, Direct 3D 10, Direct 3D 11), hostile to associating mode, rendering mode (fullscreen or windowed) and pick whether they need to play out a long haul GPU consume in test or a solitary Benchmark run. The application has three individual tests – Wavy Plane (GL2), Fractal Frame (GL3) and Triangle of Death (GL2).

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