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SIW is a downloadable Windows-based application that serves users as a functional and advanced System Information for Windows utility software.


Version Info : (2019.9.5.1112)

Software Size : (20.2_MB)

Find system information for your PC.

SIW is a finished PC framework data device. Eventually, you’ll have to think about your PC, regardless of whether it’s to place a redesign in setting, check program similarity or to test framework prerequisites. That is the place SIW comes in, giving you a diagram of everything from what working framework you have to your introduced codecs and motherboard specs to arrange data.

This program gives point by point data about your PC properties and settings, itemized specs for CPU, motherboard, chipset, BIOS, CPU, PCI/AGP, USB and ISA/PnP gadgets, memory, screen, video card, circle drives, CD/DVD gadgets, SCSI gadgets, S.M.A.R.T., ports, organize cards, printers.

Working framework, introduced programs and hotfixes, forms, administrations, sequential numbers (CD keys), clients, open files, framework uptime, arrange, organize shares, just as ongoing screens for CPU, memory, page file utilization and system traffic. It shows as of now dynamic system associations, passwords taken cover behind reference bullets, introduced codecs, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Framework Information for Windows (SIW) is a sharp utility that gathers and makes accessible point by point data on each part of your PC.

SIW is an Advanced System Information for Windows instrument that investigates your PC and assembles point by point data about framework properties and settings and showcases it in a very intelligible way.

SIW can make a report file (HTML, JSON, CSV, TXT or XML), and you can run it in cluster mode (for Computer Inventory – Software and Hardware Inventory, Asset Inventory, Software License Management, Security Audit, Server Configuration Management).

SIW System Information Screenshots

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