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SpaceSniffer is a freeware disk space analyzer for Windows that make use of the Treemap concept to view the current disk usage.


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Find lost space on your disks the easy way.

SpaceSniffer is a plate space analyzer for the Windows working framework. The application utilizes the Treemap idea to see the present circle use. SpaceSniffer has simplified help, a natural structure design, zoom components, incredible separating and piles of adaptable choices.

SpaceSniffer is a valuable program that gives clients a graphical portrayal of the substance of their hard drives. Despite the fact that the outcomes can be somewhat overpowering now and again, we saw it as a powerful method to see precisely what is occupying room on our PC.

SpaceSniffer is a freeWare (gifts are welcome) and versatile instrument application that lets you see how organizers and files are organized on your circles. By utilizing a Treemap representation design, you have quick impression of where large envelopes and files are put on your gadgets. Treemap idea was imagined by Prof. Ben Shneiderman, who sympathetically allowed the utilization of his idea into this apparatus.

Start a sweep procedure and see the general circumstance. Greater are the components on the view, greater are organizers and files on your plate. You need more detail on a major envelope? Simply single tick on it. The chose component will be point by point with its substance.

SpaceSniffer is a simple, quick and powerful approach to discover where your awesome free circle space has gone. Highlighting a keen stored checking motor, a simple and ground-breaking separating framework and a decent to see enlivened plate format, finding that old, overlooked, large JPEGs, database backups, etc is an easy activity. SpaceSniffer tunes in to file framework occasions, so it keeps consistently in a state of harmony. It is fit likewise of filtering NTFS Alternate Data Streams.

SpaceSniffer is a broad and highlight rich application which shows the measure of room being spent on your hard drive(s) by showing the data as illustrations and content.

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