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The Mozilla Firefox usually known as Firefox is a free open source browser that make web pages load faster. easy to use, compatible with windows, mac, Linux and android.

Therefore, Mozilla Firefox appears to be in the list of best Browsers. Firefox was created in 2002 by code name “Phoenix”. Firefox released on 9th Nov 2004. Most useful web browser now a days.

Firefox Browser Download Details

  • Firefox Version: Latest 54.0
  • Firefox Size: 42.9 MB(32Bit), 45.7 MB(64Bit)
  • Compatible: Windows
  • Download Mozilla Firefox
  • Offline Installer

How to Install Mozilla Firefox

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to install Mozilla Firefox. Complete Installation Guide with Pictures.

  1. Open Setup

    Click on Run/Open to Continue Setup.

  2. Click Yes.

    Click on Yes when Dialogue Box promoted.

  3. Installing.

    Wait 2 Minutes while installation.

  4. Select Re-Install if already Installed.

    Select re-install and check below box. if you already used firefox to update with newer one.

  5. Installation Done.

    Congrats! Installation is Complete.

Mozilla Firefox Download


What are Advantages of Mozilla Firefox?

Firefox is easy to use and Install, it is very fast browser rather then uc browser or opera mini browser. Firefox competes with Google Chrome. Privacy and open Source, User Friendly.
So you can visit Firefox Browser Download.

Is Mozilla Firefox is Faster than Google Chrome?

They both are almost same in usage speed but in previous year Firefox was Faster then Chrome.

Is Mozilla Firefox in Decline?

Yes, Chrome have word Google in itself while Firefox have word Mozilla, Google can spend millions to promote Chrome.
But Firefox use Google, Yahoo and Bing to Promote their browser.

Is Mozilla Firefox still a Good Browser?

Yes, 100% Firefox is a good browser and millions of people already using it.

Post Last Updated: 09, June, 2019

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