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Version Info : (2.14.2_x86)

Software Size : (8.8_MB)


Version Info : (2.14.2_x64)

Software Size : (10.0MB)

Communicate by utilizing an Internet Relay Chat protocol

HexChat utilizes the Internet Relay Chat convention to permit correspondence with your companions and associates, supporting multi-server association and private discussions.

HexChat gives you access to various IRC channels, in which you can chat freely or have private one-on-one discussions. The software depends on XChat, yet it carries some new highlights to the table. Furthermore, HexChat is totally free. You can appreciate all that it brings to the table and join any channels you need, without paying a dime.

Advancement group of the free and Open Source IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client HexChat for Windows and Unix. Which is the successor to XChat-WDK.

HexChat gives you a chance to impart by using an Internet Relay Chat convention. Have private discussions with associates, companions, and relatives through a chat association through numerous servers.

At the point when you first start HexChat, the association should be set up by choosing the suitable systems. You should likewise make a moniker for yourself as well. Have 2 additional moniker choices on backup on the off chance that your first decision isn’t accessible.

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