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ADAPT-FELT is a program designed for the calculation of elongations, friction loss and long-term stress loss in prestressing tendons. It covers both bonded and unbonded tendons with regular or irregular geometries in two or three dimensions.

Version Info : (2014.01)

Software Size : (55.1_MB)

It calculates the elongations, friction loss and long-term stress loss.

ADAPT-FELT is the business standard program for the count of lengthenings, contact misfortune, and long haul pressure misfortune in prestressing ligaments. It covers both reinforced and unbonded ligaments with ordinary or unpredictable geometries in a few measurements.

Notwithstanding an itemized unthinkable report, the program shows the geometry of ligament and the conveyance of worry along the ligament. It is pertinent to business and private structures, ground bolstered sections, connect structures, establishments and heaps.

ADAPT-FELT is an industry standard program for figuring lifetime, grating misfortune, and long haul pressure misfortune in full ligament reverberation that spreads both persistent and non-nonstop ligaments in two-dimensional and three-dimensional structure. Notwithstanding revealing a definite table, the program shows the ligament geometry and stress dispersion along the ligament.

ADAPT-FELT is appropriate for business and private structures, upheld ground sections, connect structures, platforms and segments. FELT is a PC program for the figuring of rubbing, footing and long haul worry of the ligament in pre-stress structures. For a given ligament geometry and the pressure profile, the software ascertains the worries along the ligament length.

This software is both associated and non-associated frameworks it oversees. As a choice, for shop artistic creations, rubbing and extending counts can be performed without long haul pressure misfortunes.

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