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ADAPT-PT/RC is a highly efficient, reliable, fast, and easy-to-use software for the analysis, design, and investigation of any concrete project. It supports concrete beams, pan joist, one-way and two-way slabs systems – for conventionally reinforced (RC) and/or post-tensioned (PT) projects.

Version Info : (2015.0)

Software Size : (112_MB)

ADAPT-PT/RC is an app for the analysis, design and investigation of any project.

ADAPT-PT is the business standard independent program for the structure of bar edges, sections and floor frameworks post-tensioned with either reinforced, or unbonded ligaments. For two-way floor frameworks the client can put together the examination with respect to either the Equivalent Frame Method, or the Simple Frame Method.

For the post-tensioning plan, the client can choose between the Effective Force strategy and the Variable Force (Tendon Selection) technique. In the Variable Force strategy, the software figures and records for the ligaments’ erosion and long haul pressure misfortunes along the length of the post-tensioned part.

ADAPT-PT can handles drop tops, drop boards, ventures above and underneath, transverse bars and non-kaleidoscopic segments. Selfweight is determined utilizing genuine measurements and material properties. Notwithstanding the post-tensioning sum and profile, the software reports the area and measure of the nonprestressed steel along the length of the structure for the quality and least prerequisites.

ADAPT PT/RC is an exceptionally productive, solid, quick and simple to utilize software for dissecting, planning and inquiring about a particular undertaking. This software bolsters solid shafts, one way and two way frameworks. Envision that just a single software and learning one work process is intended for all PT and RC pillars.

The new ADAPT PT/RC is intended for engineers who need the adaptability to structure the two sorts of tasks successfully without the extra expense and cost of keeping up different software licenses. Bounce flawlessly between software PT and RC mode or convert a model running in a similar program. Past giving the adaptability of structuring both RC and PT extends, this new discharge incorporates improved work process demonstrating, progressed investigation abilities, extended DXF yield and additionally detailing choices.

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