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Orion provides a unique central 2D/3D modelling environment from which automatic analysis, design and drafting is derived for the engineer.


Version Info : (18_SP3_0)

Software Size : (278_MB)

Design simple or complex reinforced concrete buildings.

Orion is ideal for any size solid structure venture and provides food for a wide scope of cement basic frameworks.

Different delicate plans can be evaluated in a small amount of the time taken by regular software. When the task is secure, point by point structure and drafting time is drastically diminished. Undertaking changes are dealt with naturally by essentially altering the focal model or stacking. Orion refreshes the rest, empowering your organization to give a responsive support of requesting clients.

Orion’s thoughtful and auxiliary building division is knowledgeable about the most recent software and innovation, including AutoCad, Microstation, and RISA 3-D Structural Analysis and Design, to give affordable plans, in material reserve funds as well as in lower development costs. Our plan experience ranges from green field plan to retrofitting existing offices; from auxiliary examinations to ecological investigations.

Our common and basic specialists work with the entirety of Orion’s areas of expertise associated with our clients’ ventures to keep up consistency in the task course of events and to guarantee the undertaking is finished inside the client’s time span. Our designing experts are engaged with all venture coordinations en route so as to get ready for any important changes that may emerge.

CSC Orion is a program that enables you to structure straightforward or complex fortified solid structures. It works with genuine physical articles, for example, pillars, segments and pieces. You can likewise browse a scope of global codes including British Standards and Eurocodes.

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Post Last Updated: 28 February, 2020.

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