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command-line access program that was especially designed in order to provide an uncomplicated means of working with SQLite databases.



Version Info : (3.30.1_x86)

Software Size : (478_KB)



Version Info : (3.30.1_x64)

Software Size : (789_KB)

Command-line option for working with SQLite databases.

SQLite is an in-process library that executes an independent, serverless, zero-design, value-based SQL database motor. The code for SQLite is in the open area and is in this way free for use for any reason, business or private. SQLite is the most broadly sent database on the planet with a bigger number of uses than we can tally, including a few prominent activities.

Taking care of SQLite databases and running different directions to make or question them are assignments for particular projects and clients with heaps of involvement with this field. Among the many committed utilities that are intended to facilitate the activity for clients and chairmen there’s a lightweight software called SQLite.

Since it is a direction line apparatus, you won’t get an appropriate graphical interface, however on the off chance that you know about the grammar, you shouldn’t have any troubles in working with SQLite. All SQL explanations you type in must end with a semicolon, so they can be executed when the ‘Enter’ key is squeezed.

Do you have degenerate SQLite database files and need to fix them? SQLite Database Recovery, is an incredible answer for all SQLite clients. It can examine SQLite database files for mistakes and afterward can fix them easily.

The application has some valuable highlights, for example, the capacity to check their see, before sparing information. It gives two file positions into which you can spare the recuperated database objects: SQLite and MDB.

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