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Version Info : (5.28.1)

Software Size : (21.8_MB)

Provides developers with a pre-compiled Perl distribution package

ActivePerl furnishes designers with a pre-arranged Perl circulation bundle, prepared to help them in building applications devoted to various stages. Its bit of leeway is that it very well may be sent on any machine, paying little respect to the facilitated working framework.

The establishment pack groups arrangement files for the Perl scripting language (forms 5.16, 5.14, 5.12, 5.10, 5.8, 5.6), nearby a couple of helpful modules, for example, Perl ISAPI (Internet Information Services addin), PerlEx and PerlScript, the last mentioned permitting ActiveX scripting. Beside the Perl parallels, it incorporates an assortment of mainstream modules.

Spare time and quit agonizing over help, security and permit consistence. With the top Perl bundles precompiled, and a scope of business bolster alternatives, ActivePerl gives your group a chance to concentrate on efficiency with Perl that “just works”. Bolster your strategic applications with the world’s most trusted Perl dispersion.

ActivePerl from ActiveState is the business standard, business grade Perl conveyance, accessible for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (Solaris, AIX and HP-UX accessible in Business or Enterprise Edition). Designers overall depend on ActivePerls‘ culmination and convenience, while corporate clients secure their framework and remain focused with quality-guaranteed ActivePerl business arrangements.

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