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A dynamic programming language compliant with Java that implements various elements from Ruby, Python or Smalltalk, providing an easy to learn syntax.


Version Info : (2.4.16)

Software Size : (48.4_MB)

Optionally typed and dynamic language.

Groovy can be viewed as an advanced adaptation of the Java programming language, including extra highlights that can improve efficiency and facilitate the improvement procedure. Its center depends on Java, yet its capacity depends in the improvements it brings to the table.

Offering help for area explicit dialects, the Groovy source code is clear and simple to peruse. It very well may be utilized in any condition where Java is utilized, since it speaks with Java objects, libraries, classes or different segments and arranges into Java bytecode.

Groovy is particular from Java in different manners. For example, it is equipped for creating capacities that go about as top notch objects, underpins terminations, cooperative clusters and different additional partner techniques. It locally underpins ordinary articulations and highlights polymorphic cycle, just as powerful and static composing.

Apache Groovy is an incredible, alternatively composed and dynamic language, with static-composing and static aggregation capacities, for the Java stage planned for improving designer profitability on account of a compact, natural and simple to learn linguistic structure. It coordinates easily with any Java program, and quickly conveys to your application ground-breaking highlights, including scripting abilities, Domain-Specific Language composing, runtime and accumulate time meta-programming and useful programming.

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