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Version Info : (9.0.27)

Software Size : (11.1_MB)

An Open Source implementation of the JavaServer Pages and Java Servlet technologies

Apache Tomcat is an open source software execution of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages innovations. Apache Tomcat is created in an open and participatory condition and discharged under the Apache License rendition.

Apache Tomcat is proposed to be a joint effort of the best-of-breed designers from around the globe. We welcome you to partake in this open improvement venture. Apache Tomcat controls various enormous scale, strategic web applications over an assorted scope of ventures and associations.

Apache Tomcat is an open-source, lightweight, incredible and generally utilized web server created and kept up by Apache Foundation. It is a usage of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Java Expression Language (EL) and Java WebSocket advances, and gives an unadulterated Java HTTP server to run Java electronic applications.

Apache Tomcat is an open source bit of software written in the Java programming language and intended to furnish clients with a local Java condition for running web applications. It is generally known for driving enormous scale and strategic web applications over a wide scope of associations and enterprises.

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