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Manage, clone and create new repositories within a modern interface with the help of this straightforward and smooth-running Git client.



Version Info : (6.3.1_x86)

Software Size : (136_MB)



Version Info : (6.3.1_x64)

Software Size : (142_MB)

The legendary Git GUI client for Windows, Mac and Linux.

GitKraken is the Git client intended to make you a progressively gainful Git client. Since capacity and magnificence don’t need to be totally unrelated. GitKraken makes Git directions and procedures simple, quick, and instinctive. Appreciate an outwardly engaging encounter that requires less communications, considers progressively liquid work processes, and gives all out usefulness.

The interface furnishes you with a visual comprehension of stretching, combining and your submit history. “Clues” go about as aides that assist you with bettering comprehend the effects of your activities. The application is the main Git client based on Electron, enabling it to run locally on Windows, Mac, and Linux work area frameworks. Appreciate the equivalent sumptuous experience over every one of the three.

As organizer of Axosoft, there is nothing that energizes me more than major new arrivals of our software, particularly refreshes that influence the profitability of the entirety of our clients! Once in a while, we likewise make important valuing changes that make our software progressively open to a more prominent number of engineers around the world.

With probably the coolest name out there, GitKraken is a smooth-running and natural Git client that causes it as clear as feasible for you to open, to make and clone archives, make branches and even offer code from under a solitary rooftop.

GitKraken GUI Client Screenshots

Post Last Updated: 29 November, 2019

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