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A handy and reliable assembler level analyzing debugger worth having when you need to examine and modify program executions, as well as to set breakpoints.

Version Info : (2.01.0)

Software Size : (6.6_MB)

A program which lets you easily debug various applications.

OllyDbg is a 32-bit constructing agent level breaking down debugger software for Microsoft Windows. Accentuation on parallel code investigation makes it especially valuable in situations where source is inaccessible. Olly Dbg is a shareware, however you can download and utilize it for nothing.

OllyDbg is a constructing agent level investigating debugger for Microsoft Windows. Accentuation on parallel code examination makes it especially valuable in situations where source is inaccessible. It predicts substance of registers, perceives systems, API calls, switches, tables, constants and strings, finds schedules from object files and libraries, permits custom names and remarks in dismantled code, composes fixes back to executable file and the sky is the limit from there.

You can compose your own modules – dynamic connection libraries that join to OllyDbg and give new capacities. Modules can embed passages into spring up menus of OllyDbg windows, process console alternate routes, spare information to .ini and .udd files and call in excess of 170 capacities traded by OllyDbg.

OllyDbg is a software arrangement manufactured explicitly for troubleshooting multi-string programs. The application can perform code investigation and to show data about registers, circles, API calls, switches and numerous others. It centers around paired code investigation, and can uncover significant information, particularly when the source is inaccessible.

It sports a spotless interface, and you can without much of a stretch access its fundamental highlights legitimately from the primary window. You can move the applications into the principle window, or include them by utilizing the implicit peruse work. The program can stack and troubleshoot DLLs on the spot. In addition, it can follow

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