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Visual Assist has been created as an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio that can help developers improve their productivity.

Version Info : (2353.0)

Software Size : (46.3_MB)

Application to streamline coding and development tasks.

Visual Assist is a software pack which is intended to enhance the current functionalities in Microsoft Visual Studio. Created by Whole Tomato Software, this application can expedite huge numbers of the difficult coding prerequisites related with present day programming and seat testing errands.

On the off chance that you feel comfortable around Microsoft Visual Studio, particularly in the event that you know its limits, you’ll find Visual Assist to have highlights you wish were standard in the IDE. This expansion makes the IDE marvelous. It has an abundance of highlights to improve engineer efficiency! Improve for all intents and purposes each Microsoft IDE you have with the large number of highlights that involve Visual Assist.

In case you’re now a quick coder, a small piece stuck in a rut, and incredulous of modules and expansions, you’ll truly welcome the downplayed interfaces of the program. This item doesn’t hold you up.

In the event that you wince at the idea of another parser running as you edit, you’ll be intrigued with the speed of Visual Assist. This module doesn’t devour assets just to reveal to you you’ve damaged an arranging standard.

One of the highlights gave by the extra is code refactoring, an activity that strips a portion of the multifaceted nature of the code, expanding its intelligibility.

Another improvement added to the IDE (intuitive advancement condition) alludes to exploring through the code. It can assist you with discovering images, get to files just as open a rundown of references brisk and easy.

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Post Last Updated: 19 December, 2019

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