Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

DMCA (digital millennium copyright act) is a United States law about copyrights made in 1998, this law was about to make copyrighted content illegal distributions unavailable on the internet.

We Strongly agree and obey this law under digital millennium copyright act 1998, we are not providing any illegal distributions of softwares on internet, just sharing free shareware softwares to our visitors so we can help them. You can read more about us on this page.

Still if you found any content on our site which is illegal to distribute free or copyrighted please let us know by sending us email with the legal document you already have for the copyrights of that product, our team will take down that content immediately after verification of documents sent by you.

Infringing material can also be removed from site pages by issuing a notice to our official emails. Read more on our Privacy Policy page for esoftner’s policies.

Our motive is to accommodate the people using internet not to harm anyone’s piracy or damaging their product by distributing illegally. here is our email please send us immediate email with documents if you found any illegal content. Thanks

Email: esoftner[dot]


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