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Version Info : (3.45.2)

Software Size : (61.1_MB)


Version Info : (3.45.2)

Software Size : (66.8_MB)

e-book manager, edit, convert, view and catalog e-books in all major e-book formats

Calibre (stylised Calibre) is a cross-stage open-source suite of digital book software. Bore supports sorting out existing ebooks into virtual libraries, showing, editing, making and converting digital books, just as matching up digital books with an assortment of tablets.

An across the board answer for taking care of your digital books, Caliber accomplishes for electronic books exactly what iTunes accomplishes for music, enabling you to deal with your advanced book gathering through an instinctive yet packed interface while offering incredible help for changing over books to various organizations and editing their metadata. The main territory where the software is missing is its digital book peruser; it doesn’t enable you to feature or add notes to your books.

Calibre is a program to deal with your eBook accumulation. It goes about as an e-library and furthermore considers group change, news channels to eBook transformation, just as digital book peruser adjust highlights and an incorporated digital book watcher. It highlights library the executives, group change (all major eBook designs), adjusting to digital book peruser gadgets, bringing news from the Web and changing over it into eBook structure, seeing a wide range of digital book configurations, and giving you access to your book accumulation over the web utilizing only a program.

Calibre is a free, open-source, cross-stage digital book chief for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X. You can utilize it to edit, convert, view and inventory digital books in all real digital book groups; bring metadata for your books, download papers and convert them into digital books. As of now, it is presumably the most popular digital book director, watcher, and converter.

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