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StarOffice, referred to quickly as Oracle Open Office before being stopped in 2011, was a restrictive office suite. StarWriter 1.0 was composed by Marco Börries in 1985 for the Zilog Z80. Börries framed Star Division in Lüneburg the accompanying year.[6] It was later ported to the Amstrad CPC (promoted by Schneider in Germany) under CP/M and later ported to the 8086-based Amstrad PC-1512, running under MS-DOS 3.2. Afterward, the reconciliation of the other individual projects pursued as the improvement advanced to an Office Suite for DOS, IBM’s OS/2 Warp, and for the Microsoft Windows working framework.

From this time onwards Star Division advertised its suite under the name “StarOffice.” Until form 4.2, Star Division put together StarOffice with respect to the cross-stage C++ class library StarView. In 1998 Star Division started offering StarOffice for nothing, Download StarOffice Free.

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