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Version Info : (4.7.2_amd64)

Software Size : (184_MB)

Send and receive encrypted messages and files

Keybase is an open source, free security application. At the end of the day, you can visit and share files online with associates on the web, and furthermore distribute records with cryptography security. To begin, you have to download the application and register for the administration. To begin interfacing with individuals you chanced upon on the Internet, you would not require their email address or telephone number. Web-based social networking usernames, for example, a Reddit or Twitter username would get the job done to interface with the individual.

Send and get scrambled messages and files with the assistance of this intriguing application that carries another way to deal with open and private key encyrption.

Protection, classification, cryptography are only a portion of the words we will hear increasingly more in the years to come, not astounding, considering our expanding concerns with respect to information security.

Despite the fact that neither the idea of information encryption and the apparatuses around it are not particularly new, one thing’s without a doubt: utilizing far reaching encryption strategies isn’t actually something that most average clients can deal with.

All things considered, Keybase intends to have a significant saying in the issue. More to the point, Keybase is an open-source stage, based on the model of a fairly essential informal organization, that means to streamline the entire start to finish encryption procedure and make it generally available, both for correspondence and file sharing purposes.

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Post Last Updated: 07 November, 2019

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