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Version Info : (7.2.2_x86)

Software Size : (108_MB)


Version Info : (7.2.2_x64)

Software Size : (111_MB)

File Sharing P2P Anonymous Client

Tribler is an open source decentralized BitTorrent client which enables mysterious shared as a matter of course. Tribler depends on the BitTorrent client and utilizations an overlay organize for substance looking, which causes the program to work freely of outer sites and renders it safe to restricting outside activity, for example, government limitation.

Tribler is a social network that encourages filesharing through a shared (p2p) organize. At the point when the Tribler application program is begun it will consequently begin looking through different clients that have Tribler running on their PC. At the point when an association is built up it begins trading data.

First it trades individual data, (for example, your symbol picture, your companions list, download history, and so forth.) and data about files that are accessible in the system. These files can be close to home, shared files, yet in addition files that one has gotten from someone else.

Tribler is a file sharing P2P client for your PC. It is comparable and not as greatly mainstream as other P2P clients like utorrent and Piratebay, it is as yet a solid, quick thus far a possibility for your downpour needs in these time and age. You just not get the chance to download downpours in Tribler but rather likewise get the opportunity to watch reviews of your file through VLC. Also, not at all like other P2P clients, you get the chance to download straightforwardly from friends, bypassing the tracker, with Tribler.

Tribler P2P File Sharing Screenshots

Post Last Updated: 02 July, 2019

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