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The Julia coding language features familiar syntax and can be used for technical and mathematical computing, through this command line tool.


Version Info : (1.3.0_x86)

Software Size : (52.1_MB)


Version Info : (1.3.0_x64)

Software Size : (57.5_MB)

Command line tool designed to work with the Julia coding language

Julia Language is powerfully composed, feels like a scripting language, and has great help for intuitive use. Julia has a rich language of illustrative datatypes, and type presentations can be utilized to explain and cement programs. The projects aggregate to productive local code for various stages through LLVM.

Julia utilizes different dispatch as a worldview, making it simple to express many item situated and utilitarian programming designs. The standard library gives nonconcurrent I/O, process control, logging, profiling, a bundle director, and the sky is the limit from there. It has elevated level linguistic structure, making it an open language for software engineers from any foundation or experience level. Julia Language is free for everybody to utilize, and all source code is openly perceptible on GitHub.

It has been downloaded more than 10 million times and the network has enrolled more than 2,000 bundles for network use. These incorporate different numerical libraries, information control apparatuses, and bundles for broadly useful figuring. Notwithstanding these, you can without much of a stretch use libraries from Python, R, C/Fortran, C++, and Java.

Julia Language is a basic direction line instrument intended to work with the Julia coding language, for specialized registering.

The application includes a dependable compiler, disseminated parallel execution, high exactness and an enormous numerical capacities library. It likewise bolsters certain C and Fortran libraries.

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