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A powerful JavaScript-based environment that provides a means of putting together network apps, ready for expanding and compatible with several devices.


Version Info : (13.3.0_x86)

Software Size : (25.7_MB)


Version Info : (13.3.0_x64)

Software Size : (27.2_MB)

Asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime.

Download the Node.js source code or a pre-manufactured installer for your foundation, and start growing today.

To begin constructing your Node.js applications, the initial step is the establishment of the node.js system. The Node.js structure is accessible for an assortment of working frameworks directly from Windows to Ubuntu and OS X. When the Node.js structure is introduced, you can begin constructing your first Node.js applications.

Node.js likewise can inserted outside usefulness or expanded usefulness by utilizing custom modules. These modules must be introduced independently. A case of a module is the MongoDB module which enables you to work with MongoDB databases from your Node.js application

The improvement of versatile applications that are particularly custom-made for organize situations and intended to be conveyed on interconnected gadgets is an unpredictable undertaking, one which is held for experts and master clients who have available to them the fitting devices for the activity.

One of the structures made only for such designs is Node.js and, as its name proposes, it depends on JavaScript. All the more decisively, in the engine it is controlled by Google’s very own V8 JS motor, a similar one that can be found inside the generally known Chrome program.

As a nonconcurrent occasion driven JavaScript runtime, Node is intended to fabricate versatile system applications. In the accompanying “hi world” model, numerous associations can be dealt with simultaneously. Upon every association the callback is terminated, yet on the off chance that there is no work to be done, Node 64 bit will rest.

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