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A premier mind-mapping software

A mind mapper, and simultaneously a simple to-work various leveled editor with solid accentuation on collapsing. These two are not by any stretch of the imagination two distinct things, only two unique depictions of a solitary application. Frequently utilized for learning and substance the executives.

FreeMind is a chief free personality mapping software written in Java. The ongoing improvement has ideally transformed it into high efficiency instrument. We are glad that the task and route of FreeMind is quicker than that of MindManager as a result of a single tick “overlap/unfurl” and “pursue interface” activities.

is a free personality mapping application written in Java. FreeMind is authorized under the GNU General Public License Version 2. Mind Maps are one of the best perspectives through issues and making associations with new ones.

FreeMind is a Java-based, cross-stage arrangement which is intended to make the procedure as instinctive as conceivable by means of ‘youngster’ and ‘kin’ connects that ideally incorporate your guide with something important.

FreeMind is planned for editing Mind maps, XML/HTML records, and registry trees. In future, even system structures will be upheld, for example, Topic Maps (ISO). This information is spoken to the client as a Mind map. This is accomplished with a particular plan, which makes it conceivable to effectively compose modules, just planning the model of the issue (the information structure), without thinking about the visual portrayal by any means. As of now a Mind Mapping and a File Mode are executed.

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