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Concept Maps, construct, navigate, share and criticize knowledge models represented as concept maps

CmapTools enables clients to develop, explore, share and edit learning models that are spoken to as concept maps. The benefit of CmapTools is that you can construct and share concept maps, with numerous adjustable alternatives, with various individuals accross the globe; you don’t need to simply be on a similar nearby system.

CmapTools is a free application for creating concept maps, outlines/mind maps which speak to learning models. An concept guide is a chart which contains different ideas and utilizations associating lines (and, now and then, content) to demonstrate the connection between them. On the off chance that you’ve not gone over the term previously, or you simply need to perceive what the program can do, CmapTools has an idea map about itself.

Concept maps are an extraordinary device with regards to clarifying complex speculations and proposition that are comprised of various principle thoughts that identify with others. There are huge amounts of applications out there intended to enable you to create idea maps, for example, DIA (GNU) or InfoRapid KnowledgeMap (Shareware) yet not every one of them are as commonsense and completely highlighted as CmapTools.

CMapTools fares diagrams to an assortment of organizations (XMl, PDF, HTML…) and furthermore empowers to share them on the Internet, in spite of the fact that we found the association with CMap servers somewhat moderate. Fixed the issue on the Mac that forestalled the program to dispatch when the “Check for Updates” was executed before running CmapTools Fixed the issue on the Mac where logs were truncated as a result of running under Java VM 1.6 Adds Greek as one of the dialects upheld by the CmapTools GUI Fixes the issue when creating thumbnails under certain Linux circulations

The IHMC CmapTools program enables clients to develop, explore, share and reprimand information models spoke to as idea maps. It enables clients to, among numerous different highlights, develop their Cmaps in their PC, share them on servers (CmapServers) anyplace on the Internet, interface their Cmaps to different Cmaps on servers, naturally make site pages of their idea maps on servers, edit their maps synchronously (in the meantime) with different clients on the Internet, and quest the web for data applicable to an idea map.

CmapTools Concept Maps Screenshots

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