JRiver Media Center Free Download

JRiver Media Center is a multimedia application that allows the user to play and organize various types of media on a computer running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux operating systems.

The most comprehensive and seamless software available for managing and playing your media. Its scope includes almost all formats of audio, video, and images. Media Center can also record television and manage documents. Audio, Video, Images, & Television.

JRiver Media Center Download Details

  • Version: 24.0.72 Latest
  • File Size: 34 MB(32it), 35 MB(64Bit)
  • Compatible: Windows
  • JRiver Media Center Free Download

Download JRiver Media Center for Windows.

How to Install JRiver Media Center

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to Install JRiver Media Center, Full Installation Tutorial with Pictures.

  1. Open Setup.

    Open the setup.exe file from your system and click Accept to continue by accepting terms of license agreement.

  2. Custom Install.

    Please click on Custom installation options.

  3. Normal Install to a Computer.

    This will let you install the program to any location in your computer system, you can choose the drive and path of destination folder.

  4. Destination Folder.

    Please select install location folder. C:\Program Files\ Recommended path to Install.

  5. Copying Files.

    Installing JRiver Media Center, Please wait for a minute or two.

  6. Files Association.

    Please select the file association and mark the files as shown in picture below.

  7. Images, Music, and Video files association.

    Please select all in images, music and videos, if you need only videos then unmark all images and music.

  8. Create Shortcuts.

    Please tick on Create Desktop Icon and Create Start Menu Icon.

  9. Install Complete.

    Successfully installed, click Finish to Launch JRiver Media Center.

  10. Interface.

    Here is Interface of JRiver Media Center software.

JRiver Media Center Recommendation

  • Therefore, I personally recommend you to Download JRiver Media Center to play and organize media.

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