VLC Player Download

Vlc (videolan client) plays all types of videos files and videos codecs. And without any driver installation. So best media player of 2019. Enjoy and Download Latest VLC Media Player.

Thus Vlc Media Player is for Desktop and Mobile Phones, Windows, Android, IOS, Mac etc. But you cannot install in Linux OS. Example, (Linux, Kali Linux, Ubuntu). esoftner

VideoLan Client Details.

vlc player
  • Vlc Version: Latest 3.0.5
  • Compatible: Windows
  • File Size: 38 MB
  • VLC Media Player Download

How to Install VLC Media Player

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How To Install VLC Player

  1. Select Language

    Now Click OK after selecting language.

    Select Language

  2. Click Next

    Then Click Next to continue.

    Click next to continue

  3. Accept Agreement

    Then Click Next to Agree License.

    license agreement

  4. Choose Component

    Then Click Next after choosing components.

    choose components

  5. Click Install

    Click install to continue.

    Select location to install vlc

  6. Installing

    Wait few seconds ton Install VLC.


  7. Click Finish

    Finish to run VLC.

    click finish

Video Lan Client Player Download. Therefore I personally recommend vlc player for Windows.


How to Install VLC Media Player?

Click here for complete installation guide with pictures to install vlc media player.

Is VLC compatible with Linux?

No, VLC Media Player is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 9, 10, Mac and Android. You can Download VLC Player from our site.

How to Download VLC Media Player?

To Download VLC Media Player open Site www.esoftner.com, search for vlc and on that page click on grey Download Button and it will redirects you to downloading page, after 10 seconds your downloading will start automatically.

Can VLC media player plays FLV files?

Yes, Vlc plays FLV files as well as all type of videos files.

What is VLC Media Player?

Vlc media player Download is open source and free software which plays every type of video or audio files (e.g MP3, Mp4, MPEGV, Webm, AVI, DVD’s and many more). VLC Media Player Download.

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