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LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite, a project of The Document Foundation. It was forked from in 2010.

LibreOffice is a powerful office suite – its clean interface and feature-rich tools help you unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity.
LibreOffice includes several applications that make it the most powerful Free and Open Source office suite on the market.

LibreOffice Download Details

  • Version: 6.2.0 Latest
  • File Size: 265MB(32Bit), 285MB(64Bit)
  • Compatible: Windows
  • About: Developer
  • LibreOffice Free Download

Download LibreOffice for Windows.

How to Install LibreOffice

Step 1: Open Setup.exe file from your system.

Step 2: Click Next to continue with installer.

Step 3: Select Typical Install (Recommended) for new users.

Step 4: Select other program features to install.

Step 5: Select all features in custom install. LibreOffice Free Download.

Step 6: Set LibreOffice as default app for office documents.

Step 7: Click on Create a start link on desktop and continue.

Step 8: Click YES to grant permissions from user control access.

Step 9: Installing, setup is copying files please wait.

Step 10: Installation Complete, Click Finish to open LibreOffice.

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