Microsoft Windows 11 Free Download

Microsoft Windows 11 is the latest major release of Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system, released in October 2021. 

Version Info : (v2022_x64)

Software Size : (5.03_GB)

Microsoft’s Windows NT Operating System

Windows 11 highlights significant changes to the Windows shell impacted by the dropped Windows 10X, including an overhauled Start menu, the substitution of its “live tiles” with a different “Gadgets” board on the taskbar, the capacity to make tiled sets of windows that can be limited and reestablished from the taskbar collectively, and new gaming advances acquired from Xbox Series X and Series S like Auto HDR and DirectStorage on viable equipment. With Windows 11, Microsoft has faced a challenge by switching around its working framework, however large numbers of the progressions add up to not significantly more than window dressing. Windows 11 is a reaction to rivalry from Apple and Google, the two of which have been snacking at the edges of the market-driving work area working framework with smooth new plans. Regardless of its definitely refreshed look expected to answer the opposition, Windows 11 capacities much as Windows 10 does-with outstanding added elements and comforts. Hypothesis encompassing a potential ‘Windows 11’ before long went into overdrive, particularly once Microsoft reported an occasion for 24 June. A see rendition spilled in front of the authority uncover, however Microsoft actually had a couple of shocks at its disposal.

Microsoft Windows 11 Screenshots

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