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Ubuntu is a free open source Linux Operating system based on Debian system. It has three official editions, Ubuntu Desktop (Personal), Ubuntu Server (Servers), and Ubuntu Cloud.

Ubuntu is an open source operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things. You can download Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 18.10 Latest Versions.

  • Fast, Secure, and Simple.

Ubuntu Download Details

  • Ubuntu Versions: All Latest
  • File Size: 18.10: (1.9GB)
  • 18.04:(1.8)GB
  • 16.04: (1.5GB)
  • 14.04: (1.0GB)
  • Compatible: Linux Ubuntu
  • About: Developer
  • Download Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 and 18.10

You can Download Rufus to make Bootable USB for Ubuntu.

How to Install Ubuntu LTS

Time needed: 14 minutes.

How to Install Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 18.10. Full Tutorial with Pictures.

  1. Boot from CD or USB.

    Ubuntu is loading setup.

  2. Install Ubuntu.

    Click on Install Ubuntu to continue setup.

  3. Select Language.

    Please select language for Ubuntu.

  4. Click Normal Install.

    Tick on Click Normal Install and other 2 options also to Download updates while installing.

  5. Erase Disk and Install.

    If you are beginner and need to Install Fresh Ubuntu then click Erase data and use entire disk for installation (Recommended).
    If you go for this option then Skip 6th to 13th Steps.

    But if you want to install along with your current operating system it might be Windows or any other OS then Choose “Something Else”. for Advanced User.

  6. Add new Partition.

    Click on “New Partition Table” to make new partitions.

  7. Confirm.

    Click Confirm to use entire disk to get partitioned.

  8. Create /Boot Partition.

    Add new /Boot partition with size of 1GB.

  9. Create /Home Partition.

    Create new /Home directory with size of 18GB.

  10. Create / Partition.

    Create a new / directory with 12GB size.

  11. Create /Var Partition.

    Create a new /var directory with 6GB size.

  12. Create Swap Area.

    Create a new Partition named as “Swap Area” of 2GB in size.

  13. Select /dev/sda to Install Ubuntu.

    Please select /dev/sda for Ubuntu Latest Installation.

  14. Click Confirm to write data on Disk.

    Click Confirm to make change to disk and write the data on disk.

  15. Select Time Zone.

    Please select Time Region of your country.

  16. Enter User Credentials.

    Enter user login details for Ubuntu Login.

  17. Installing Ubuntu.

    Please wait, Setup is Installing Ubuntu.

  18. Restart System.

    Click on Restart Now to load Ubuntu.

  19. Enter Username and Password.

    Enter your user and password to login to your Ubuntu OS.

  20. Welcome to Ubuntu Linux.

    Ubuntu Successfully Installed. First Desktop GUI Interface of Ubuntu Linux.

Download Ubuntu All Versions

Therefore, I personally recommend you to Download Ubuntu and Install on your system a fast and reliable Operating System.

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