Windows 7 Download

Windows 7 is an operating system by Microsoft. Windows 7 is very advanced OS and many new features, updated from Vista. Download Windows 7.

The Windows 7 is compatible with systems above Pentium 4 with minimum of 8GB Ram. It is very fast operating system in Microsoft’s series. You can Download Free Windows 7 from below button. Therefore Windows 7 Download is best OS to use. Windows 7 Download.

Windows 7 Download Details

Windows 7 download
  • Windows Version: Professional
  • File Size: 2.4GB(32Bit), 3.1 GB(64 Bit)
  • Windows 7 Free Download
  • Complete Setup

How to Install windows 7

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to install windows 7. So Complete Installation guide of windows 7 Download and Install with pictures.

  1. Press any key to boot from CD or DVD.

    Open Setup and it will Restart your system.Press any key to continue

  2. Windows is Copying Files.

    it will take few seconds to copy files and open installation startup

    window is copying files

  3. Select Language and Time.

    if you are opening from setup you will directly see this installation.

    select language and time

  4. Click on Install Now.

    start installation by clicking Install Now.

    click on install now

  5. Setup is Starting.

    wait few seconds while setup is being started.

    setup is starting

  6. Select Drive Option.

    Select a drive and click on drive options.

    select drive

  7. Delete Partition.

    Delete selected partition.

    delete partition

  8. Click OK to Delete.

    Enter Ok when dialogue box prompts.

    click ok

  9. Select Second Drive.

    Select second drive, and click on Delete.

    select second drive

  10. Click OK again to Delete.

    Click on OK once again to delete second partition.

    click on OK to delete

  11. Click Next.

    Select unallocated space and click next.

    click next

  12. Accept License Agreement.

    Tick on “I accept the license terms” and then click next.

    accept license agreement

  13. Select Custom (Advances).

    Select Custom (Advanced) and click next.

    select custom settings

  14. Expanding Windows Files.

    wait for few minutes while files are being expended.

    expanding windows files

  15. System Restarts.

    Windows setup will automatically restart system.

    system restarts

  16. Starting Windows.

    wait few seconds while windows is starting.

    starting windows

  17. Setup is Updating Registry Settings.

    Setup will update registry settings in a minute or two.

    window is updating registry settingsq

  18. Setup is Starting Services.

    it will take a minute to start windows services.

    setup is starting services

  19. Completing Installation.

    it will take a minute to complete installations.

    completing installations

  20. Setup will Continue after Restarting System.

    let the system restart and setup will continue after that.

    system restarts

  21. Starting Windows

    Loading windows Logo.

    starting windows

  22. Setup is Preparing to your Computer for First Use.

    setup will prepare your system in 1 minute.

    setup is preparing computer

  23. Setup is Checking Video Performance.

    it will check video performance.

    checking video performance

  24. Type a Username and Computer Name.

    Select a username for account and a computer name then click next.

    select a username

  25. Set a Password.

    set a password for your username.

    set a password

  26. Type Windows Key.

    Type a windows activation key if you have or tick the box below.

    enter activation key

  27. Use Recommended Settings.

    Click on use recommended settings to continue.

    use recommended settings

  28. Set Time and Date.

    set time and region on your system clock.

    set clock

  29. Select Network.

    Click on Home Network to Continue.

    select home network

  30. Select your Location.

    Select Home Network as your Network Connection.

    select Location

  31. Preparing Your Desktop.

    it will a take 1 or 2 minutes to prepare desktop.

    prepare desktop

  32. Done Installation.

    here is your Desktop Ready. Enjoy!

    done installation

Windows Seven Download

Therefore, I Personally recommend you to use this best Operating System. Still if you need some advanced and fast OS then Download Kali Linux for Free.


How do i Install Windows 7?

You can see Windows 7 Complete installation guide with pictures Here.

How to Download Windows 7 Free?

Free Download Windows 7 Click Here. You can Download Windows 7 Free from our Site. You can Download Windows 8.1 with new Interface any many new features.

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