Kaspersky Password Manager Download

Kaspersky Password Manager is developed by a Cyber Security and antivirus multinational company Kaspersky Labs.

All your passwords, documents & data. All in one place. Always to hand. Advanced password management that prioritizes your online safety.

Kaspersky Password Manager Features

  • Make a Master Password
  • Get automatically logged into your accounts
  • Receive strong and unique passwords when you create new accounts
  • Get your addresses auto filled to save you entering them manually*
  • Have us input your bank card details securely*
  • Use our auto-detect technology to quickly find docs in your Photo Gallery*

Kaspersky Pass Mngr Download Details

  • KPM Version: Latest 2019
  • File Size: 8.4 MB
  • Compatible: Windows

Download Kaspersky Password Manager for Windows.

How to Install Kaspersky Password Manager

Time needed: 4 minutes.

Full Tutorial How to Install Kaspersky Password Manager with Pictures.

  1. Select Language.

    Please select installer language to use during installation.

  2. Grant Permission.

    Please click YES to allow permissions to make changes.

  3. Click Install.

    Please click on Install button to continue installation

  4. Installed Successfully.

    Installation Complete, click Finish to open Kaspersky Password Manager.

  5. Connect and Login.

    Please Login to your account or Create a Account.

  6. Create New Account.

    Please enter details and click on Create Account.

  7. Account Successfully Created.

    You have successfully created a new account on Kaspersky Password Manager.

  8. Select All Browsers.

    Please select browsers in which you want to use Kaspersky Password Manager, Recommend for all Browsers.

  9. Again Click Yes.

    Please make permissions once again and click on Yes.

  10. Enable Settings

    Please enable these options from settings.

  11. Set Master Password.

    Please Select a Master Password for your all passwords.


What happens if I lose my master password?

For your own security, Kaspersky doesn’t store your master password on any of your devices or in the cloud. We recommend that you memorize your master password, or write it down and keep it safe, because it can’t be recovered if forgotten. There is no way to access your password locker or your data without your master password – if you lose it, you’ll also lose access to your data.

Is my data shared with Kaspersky Lab?

No. We use Zero-Knowledge Security, which means neither Kaspersky as the application developer nor anybody else, knows a single thing about your data. Your data belongs only to you and is accessible only by you. This aspect of your password protection will never change. Kaspersky Labs respect users’ privacy completely.

Download Kaspersky Password Manager

  • Therefore, I personally recommend you to Install Kaspersky and secure your data and passwords.
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Post Last Updated: 04, June, 2019

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