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Version Info : (7.0.8-66_x86)

Software Size : (29.5_MB)


Version Info : (7.0.8-66_x64)

Software Size : (32.1_MB)

Create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images, collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in various image formats, Image Processing

ImageMagick is a gathering of tools and libraries to write, edit, and manipulate a picture in different picture designs. Picture preparing tasks are accessible from the direction line. Ties for Perl and C++ are likewise accessible.

ImageMagick is a lot of tools that can be utilized to peruse, compose, and control pictures in practically any organization including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, PhotoCD, and GIF.

The upside of ImageMagick is that it very well may be utilized to make pictures powerfully making it reasonable for Web applications. What’s more, you can resize, pivot, hone, shading diminish and add enhancements to a picture. Notwithstanding, ImageMagick is carefully for those acquainted with the order line as there is no GUI. You can just make changes to pictures utilizing directions, for example, “$magick> convert rose.jpg rose.png”.

ImageMagick is free software to make, edit, and create bitmap pictures in numerous configurations from the commandline or by means of programming interfaces. Pictures can be trimmed, resized, and joined, impacts can be applied, and content, polygons, and bends can be included.

Significantly improve the nature of re-sized pictures by making WordPress use ImageMagick rather than standard GD picture library.

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