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Version Info : (5.7_x64)

Software Size : (46.9_MB)

Image processing software which enhances digital photo improvements

RawTherapee is a cross stage picture handling software gave different devices which upgrades computerized photo enhancements. It procedure pictures through multi-strung calculations for superior and includes different numerous tabs, single tab with filmstrip, and vertical tab with filmstrip designs. It incorporates upgraded introduction and tonality instruments, numerous denoising strategies, sharp veil, RL deconvolution, differentiate by detail levels, and Batch preparing mode to improve your photo experience.

RawTherapee is an extraordinarily amazing system that changes over/creates crude files. Its establishment is incredibly simple. The genuine test lies in the acing of RawTherapee’s various top to bottom highlights.

RawTherapee is a Windows application that empowers clients to work with RAW pictures from computerized cameras and make different picture changes. It likewise highlights support for JPEG, BMP, TIFF and PNG, among other mainstream file types.

Get the most subtleties and least curios from your crude photos on account of current and customary demosaicing calculations.

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Post Last Updated: 05 October, 2019

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